StillCool Pillow Speaker for MP3

Falling asleep is not easy for me. That's why this cool pillow speaker is such a great little thing to have.

Before I got the pillow speaker, I tried shoving an  iPod underneath my pillow. Not a good idea. Fortunately the iPod didn't burst into flames but, it did become quite hot. Next, I tried using earbuds. That reduced the chances of waking up to a flaming pillow but, I sleep on my side and over the course of a night's sleep those little earbuds become very uncomfortable ramming themselves into my ear. Why not just set the iPod next to me? My partner is a light sleeper and needs quiet time to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Eventually, I found these great little pillow speakers. They're awesome and inexpensive. So when they where out and stop working, which they will after about year, they're cheap enough to replace without much stress.

There are others that have features like volume controls and bluetooth. Some are headbands with built-in speakers and some are actual pillows with the speakers built-in. None of those interested me mainly because of the cost. They're more expensive. Like add another $15 to $20, at least and I just didn't anything more fancy than a speaker I can place under my pillow.

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